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What are Touch Commands?


Touch commands are how you perform actions using your finger(s) on a mobile device. 

The following gestures are supported on Windows, iOS and Android touch-enabled devices:

  • Swiping: Swipe left and/or right when viewing an item on a list to view the previous or next item in the list. A right swipe will bring you to the previous item, while a left swipe will take you the next item in the list. This is available for all tools on the mobile application.
  • Pinch Gesture: Pinch your thumb and finger over a zoom-enabled item to zoom in and out of the item.
  • Checkmark: Drawing a checkmark with your finger over a deficiency list item will close out the item.
  • Rotate: Rotate two fingers over the drawing or other supported item in Procore.

The following gesture is supported on Android only:

  • Long-Click: Holding a tap over a photo album will open the device's camera.