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Who can see users listed in a Project Directory?


Procore offers many different permission configurations to allow users or integrated applications to view or interact with user records in the Directory tool. However, a user or application with 'None' permissions to the Directory tool will not necessarily be prevented from viewing or accessing lists of Directory users from other Procore tools.


Users with access to a Procore project who have permission to create or edit items that have 'Assignee' or other user-selection fields can access lists of users available for assignment to that item. For example, if a user has 'Standard' permissions to the Submittals tool, or another permission level with the necessary granular permissions, that user can see a list of users who exist in the Project Directory from the 'Assignee' drop-down menu. This logic is also true for other fields where a user name can be selected, like 'Approver', 'Submitter', or 'Manager'.

To learn what permission levels allow users to assign items to another user, or add users to other assignable fields, see Procore Web Users Permissions Matrix and Procore Mobile Permissions Matrix