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What is a 'private' timecard and which timecards can be set to private?



In the past, you only needed read-only permissions to view all timecards in project and company level Timesheets tools. Customers needed a way to prevent employees from secbng each others timecards. The private timecards setting in the Timesheets tool allows admins to set current and future timecards to private, making them visible to only relevant parties.


A private timecard is when a user with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Timesheets tool applies the "Make timecards private by default" setting at the Company level to make timecards private for users with Read-only and Standard permissions. Private timecards will only be visible to the creator of the timecard, the user the time is being tracked for, and admins of the Timesheets tool. If the privacy is enabled, the following will apply:

  • Only admins of the project level and company level timesheets can see all timecards in the project tool
  • The company admin permission level will take precedence over any project-level permissions.
    Ex. If Jane is an admin to the company level timesheets tool and has standard permissions at the project level, then Jane would still be able to see all timecards in that project since she can see them at the company level.
  • Users with standard permissions will only be able to see the timecards they created.
  • Read-only can only see timecards that they are assigned.
  • CSV exports and Reports are impacted at the project and the company level.

Which timecards can be set to private?

The privacy setting only affects the visibility of timecards in the Timesheets tools. It does not change the privacy of timecards in the company level Timecard tool and the Daily Log Timecard module.