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What is phishing?


Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into sharing your personal information online. Phishing is usually done through email, ads or by sites that look similar to sites you already use. For example, someone who is phishing might send you an email that looks like it's from your bank so that you'll give them information about your bank account.

Phishing attempts might ask for:

  • Usernames and passwords, including password changes
  • Social Security numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)
  • Credit card numbers
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your birthday
Procore will never ask you to provide this type of information in an email. If you receive an email that looks to be from Procore asking for this information, do not click on any links within the email and do not reply to the email. Instead, send the email to

I think I’ve been tricked by a phishing attempt. What can I do?

If you accidentally entered your Procore username or password into a strange link or provided your login information via email, someone else might be able to log in to your account.

If you are able to log in to your account, secure your account by resetting your password.

Contact to check for suspicious activity on your account.

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