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What is the unpublished status on drawings?


You have reviewed your drawings and have been taken to a new page that lists all drawings in the set. You notice a 'Status' column on that page or the new count of 'Unpublished' drawings on the 'Drawing Sets' view.


  • The Current Set will only have the most current published drawings. Unpublished drawings currently only appear to Drawings tool 'Admin' users in the 'Drawings Sets' view.
  • When you publish a newer revision of an obsolete drawing, the drawing will no longer be obsolete. The new revision will become part of the current set. When you publish an older revision of an obsolete drawing when backfilling, the drawing will stay obsolete.


After the results of auto-labelling/OCR are confirmed on a new drawing upload, the drawings will have an 'unpublished' status until they are published. This means only users with 'Admin' permissions are able to view the drawings. To publish drawings so they can be viewed by all users with access to the Drawings tool, see Publish Drawings.

Note: You might want to leave drawings unpublished if they:

  • Require internal review before publishing.
  • Require pricing from subcontractors.
  • Are otherwise sensitive drawings that you only want to be viewed by Drawings tool 'Admin' users.