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What is the Workforce Planning/LaborChart Web Application?


The web experience is embedded in Procore and provides users with full functionality. The mobile experience provides partial functionality and is accessible through the legacy LaborChart app. You can download the app in your mobile device's app store. For iOS the app is called 'LaborChart'. For Android, the app is called 'Workforce Planning'. 


Workforce Planning is Procore's construction workforce management hub. It offers centralized scheduling and communication as well as real-time insight into your workforce's availability and skill set. From general and specialty contractors to big and small construction rosters, Workforce Planning provides a secure and easy-to-navigate solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Easily understand who is on your team, what they’re good at, where they’re currently working, and where they're headed next. Workforce Planning creates a single source of truth for contractors to manage your most important asset — your people. 

Before becoming Procore's Workforce Planning tool, it was a standalone application called LaborChart. The Workforce Planning/LaborChart web application is embedded in Procore and provides users with the application's full functionality


Having trouble accessing the Workforce Planning/LaborChart web application from your iOS mobile device? 

Recent iOS privacy changes led us to develop this temporary solution for gaining access via your mobile device:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your email for your Procore account.

  3. Click the Forgot Password link, enter your email, and wait for the password reset email. Following the instructions in that email.

  4. Enter your new password (we suggest using the same password as your Procore account for simplicity).

  5. You can now log into on your mobile device.
    Note: Access to is limited to mobile devices only

  6. We recommend you bookmark this site on your phone for easy access later on: Bookmark a website in Safari on iPhone