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When does my user session expire on Procore's Support site?


As a security precaution, logged in users to will automatically be logged out of their active user session if they are inactive for an extended period of time.



If you have access to a company's Training Centre (e.g. and realize that you can no longer view its content, you'll be prompted to log in for authentication purposes. To solve this problem, simply log in again. See How do I log in to Procore's Support site?

The reason why your user session might have expired is explained below.


There are two different ways that your user session can expire. 

  • Inactivity Timeout: Users will automatically be logged out if they have no user activity on for 30 days. 
  • Authentication Timeout: Once a user has successfully logged in to, their user session will automatically expire after 30 days, regardless of user activity.

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