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Why am I getting an error when downloading Procore Drive?


When installing Procore drive, you will need to double click on the downloaded .exe file to install Procore Drive. However, once you do this, it might seem like the installation hasn't started for a few seconds.If you click on the .exe file again, essentially trying to install it a second time, you will get an error.

You are receiving the error because Procore Drive is already installing successfully. The error you're seeing is that the second installation doesn't want to conflict with the current installation, so it throws an error message as many times as you click on the file.


  1. Install the latest version of Procore Drive to your computer. Setup Guide

Additional Information

Once you have Procore Drive version 1.3.0, all further updates will happen "silently." This means that any updates to Procore Drive will be added automatically to your software, in a similar fashion to Procore on the web.

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