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Why am I not seeing all of my projects in the Conversations tool?


When looking at the Conversations tool in Procore, you may not see all of the projects that you are associated with. Or if you have recently enabled the tool, you may not see any projects, as no conversations have been started yet. See the information below to learn when projects and conversations are shown.


Conversations for items are organized by project in the Conversations tool. You will only see projects listed in the Conversations tool in the following scenarios:

  • You will only see a project listed if there is at least one conversation (using the Conversations tool) started within that project.
  • You will only see projects that are associated with the company that you are currently logged into in Procore. If you are in projects for more than one company in Procore, you will need to switch companies in Procore to see conversations that exist for projects within other accounts.
  • You will only see projects for conversations that you are currently following or have been mentioned in. If you have unfollowed a conversation, it will not show in the Conversations tool.

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