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Home Screen (iOS)

Also available on  android-gray-icon.jpg 


To access recent projects and Procore training courses from the Home screen on the Procore iOS app.


  1. Open the Procore app on an iOS mobile device. 
  2. If you're not already on the Home screen, tap your avatar circle and then Home icon-home.png to navigate to it.  
  3. Access the following sections as necessary:

New Home Screen.png

Project and Company Selector

Tap the top menu to open the Project and Company Selector. Select a project from the search results or use one of these filtering methods:

  • Keywords: Use the Search icon-markup-search.png bar to find a project by address or name. 
  • Change the company:
    1. Tap Company to see a list of all the companies you can access
    2. Select or clear the checkbox icon-checkbox-marked.png next to each company to choose whether that company's projects show up in your search results on the previous screen.  
    3. Tap Apply to apply the filter. 
  • Change the sort method:  
    1. Tap Sort to see your sort options. See Sort Projects (iOS).
    2. Select your preference and tap Apply.
  • Clear filters: Tap Clear Filters to remove any filters you set previously. This returns Sort to the default (Recently Viewed projects).

Project and Company Selector iOS_truncated.png

Company and Project Selector


Tap filter icon-filter2.png  to filter your Recent Projects by company. Then select or clear the checkbox next to each company to choose whether that company's projects show in the list under Recent Projects on the Home screen. 

Recent Projects

Select a project from the list or find the project you're looking for with one of these methods: 

  • Tap See All to open the Project & Company Selector. See Navigate to a Different Project (iOS).
  • Swipe left to scroll to your most recent projects for another company.
    Note: This feature only appears if you have opened projects in another company from your Procore mobile app. If you haven't, you'll see only one Recent Projects lists.  

Procore Certification

Tap Learn More in the 'Procore Certification' section to access a training series that aligns with your role or goals. Complete a series to earn a verifiable certificate for sharing with your professional networks. 

Note: Log in with your Procore account or create a guest account to complete the certifications. 

Advanced Training

Tap Learn More in the 'Advanced Training' section to access advanced training courses. Most courses take between 10 to 90 minutes to complete.