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View Projects from Your Free Procore Account

Limited Release
Free Procore accounts are currently only available in the United States.


To view Procore projects that you are associated with from your free Procore account.


Any projects that you are associated with in Procore are shown on the Projects page of your free Procore account. This is where you can view basic project information, see your current number of open items, and navigate directly to any of your projects in Procore.

Things to Consider


  1. Log in to your free Procore account.
  2. Click the Projects page.
  3. All active projects that you have access to are shown on this page. The following information is shown for your reference:
    • Project Name
    • Address
    • Stage
    • Status
    • Type
    • My Open Items
  4. Optional:
    • Use the Search bar or click the Filter menu to locate specific projects or filter the list.
    • Click a header name (Project Name, Address, Stage, etc.) to sort by that parameter.
    • Navigate to a company or project in Procore's web application:
      • Click the project's name in the Project Name column to navigate to the project in Procore.
      • Click the Quick Links drop-down menu next to a project to select a specific tool to navigate to in Procore.
      • Click View Company to navigate to the company's Portfolio tool in Procore.