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What can Procore's Field Productivity Consultation Package include?

Are you interested in learning more? Procore Consulting Services is an add-on service. To learn more about the pricing option for this service or to request a time estimate for a potential engagement, please reach out to your Procore point of contact.





Procore's Field Productivity consultation package is an add-on service focusing on Procore's Workforce Management tools. This package helps you clarify your team's productivity goals—collecting and tracking time for employees and crews, tracking production quantities, and keeping your project budgets and schedules on track. 

The table below shares just a few examples of how Procore customers can begin an engagement with Procore's Strategic Product Consultants (SPCs).

Time Tracking Potential benefits of your engagement…
What is the best time tracking method for my company? Improve payroll efficiency by identifying the most effective method(s) for capturing and reporting time in your company's environment. 
How can my company capture time? Examine the ins-and-outs of Procore's Web and Mobile time capture tools to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and potential challenges of implementing web- and mobile- time collection method(s) in your environment. 
Timesheet Review & Approval Potential benefits of your engagement…
How should my company review and approve Timesheets? Evaluate best practices for the review and approval tasks, to help you identify how to increase efficiency for both your payroll and accounting departments. 
Who should review and approve timesheets? Explore the review and approval process to determine which members of your team are best suited to review and approve timesheet submissions. 
Employee Management Potential benefits of your engagement…
How do I make all of my employees visible on a Timesheet? Review your account's configuration settings and user permissions to confirm your team's productivity is set up to achieve maximum efficiency.  
How do I manage my Project Directory, crews and workers? Analyze and refine your company's Standard Operating Procedures (Sops) (SOPs) to ensure they align with your expectations and reduce unnecessary work.
Report & Budget Building Potential benefits of your engagement…
How can I build valuable Field Productivity reports? Analyze your productivity data to gain an in-depth understanding of how you can build reports to empower your team and stakeholders with the insight they need to make informed decisions. 
How can I build a labour costing budget view that works for my company? Learn how to engage with Procore's real-time labour costing budget view to help your company make solid decisions when planning for the future. 
How can I track the quantities installed daily? Become a Field Productivity expert learning how to track labor hours and installed quantities by taking a deep-dive with Procore's Field Productivity and Reports tools.  
Can I track the financial impact of your labour hours and quantities? Learn to accurately assess your construction project's financial health through the use of Procore's Field Productivity budget views.  
Which labour reports are important to my company? Gain confidence with building Procore reports that incorporate labor data to help your company better recognize opportunities. 
Setup & Configuration Potential benefits of your engagement…
How do I configure Timesheets correctly? Ensure that get the results you expect by confirming that your Timesheets tool is configured properly. 
How do I set up Field Productivity for my company? Set your company up for success by reviewing the configuration settings and options available in Procore's Field Productivity tools. 
How do I configure T&M Tickets correctly?  Ensure your team gets paid for out-of-scope work by learning the settings to configure in the T&M Tickets tool.