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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Directory tool in 2015.


  • Updated the Change History Subtab to Better Track Adds to the Directory (3/12/2015). Improved the way changes are tracked to help users with 'Admin' level permissions to the Company level Directory tool identify a Procore user who might be inadvertently creating unwanted entries for persons or companies using alternative spellings. For example, one user might create a company named "Bayview Plumbing" and then a different user might create a duplicate using an alternate spelling such as, "Bayview Plumbing Inc." The Change History subtab now records all create actions and the Action By column now populates with the name of the user who created the company or person in the Directory. 


  • Welcome Emails Sent to New Users Added by Standard Users (13/11/2015). When a user with 'Standard' level permissions in the Directory creates a new user in the Directory, the new user is sent a "Welcome to Procore" email. When pulling down an existing user from the Company level Directory, that user is sent an "Added to Project" email. 


  • Added Ability To Allow Standard Users To Bulk Add Users From Company Directory To Project Directory (23/10/2015). A standard level user (under the right conditions) can pull existing users in the company Directory down into the project via the "Bulk Add From Company Directory" button. This is allowed for: 1. Users who have a default permission template that matches the list the standard user's permission template can add from. 2. If the user being added has no permission template assigned. See Bulk Add Users to a Project Directory
  • Added Ability for Admin Users to Allow Standard Users to Create And Pull Users Onto a Project (19/10/2015). Users with 'Admin' level permissions to the Directory tool now have the ability to grant users with 'Standard' level permissions, so they can create users and import existing users into a project. See How do I allow standard users to add to the Project level Directory?


  • Added "Permission Template" Field to "Add Person" Modal Dialogue For Company Directory (5/8/2015). Added a "Permission Template" field to the "Add Person" pop-up when adding a user to the company-level directory.


  • Global Insurance Shown In Project Level Directory (30/01/2015). In a project's directory, a vendor’s global insurance information is now displayed alongside the vendor’s project insurance information.