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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Directory tool in 2023.

Refresh Tender Contacts for Connected Companies (04/12/2023)

You can now refresh bid contacts for connected companies in the Company Directory. This allows you to see the current bid contacts as set by the connected company. See Refresh Bid Contacts for Connected Companies in the Company Directory.

Inactivate Connected Users (18/10/2023)

You can now inactivate users and tender contacts from a connected company in your company's Directory. This also allows you to inactivate a connected company. See Inactivate a User in the Company Directory and Inactivate a Company in the Company Directory.

Configurable Employee Field When Creating New Users (10/18/2023)

When creating a new user, you can update the 'Is Employee' field to indicate if the user is an employee of your company. By default, users are not marked as employees, making it easy to add collaborators. If you do not want to show this field, you can create or edit the configurable fieldset for the Directory to hide the field. Hiding the field also removes it from the user's detail page. Read the Announcement for more details.

New Fields when Creating a User (02/10/2023)

New fields have been added when creating a user in the Project and Company level Directories. You now need to select whether the user is an employee of your company, and select the company the user belongs to. This will ensure better data accuracy in your directory. See Add a User Account to the Project Directory and Add a User Account to the Company Directory.

Merge Connected Companies (19/07/2023)

It is now possible to merge connected companies that are added from the Procore Construction Network and companies created locally in your Company level Directory. See Merge Companies and How are duplicate companies handled between the Directory tool and Procore Construction Network?

Assignable Default Project Permissions Templates (11/07/2023)

Assignable default project permissions templates are now available in the Company level Directory. This allows users with granular permission to 'Create and Edit Users (Based on Assignable Permissions Templates)' in the Company level Directory to assign other users selected Default Project Permissions Templates when adding or editing users. Previously only Directory Admins could do this task. Read more in the Announcement and see tutorials to Add User Accounts to the Company Directory and Edit Default Project Permissions in the Company Directory.

Assignable Company Permissions Templates (13/06/2023)

Assignable permissions templates are now available for the Company level Directory, allowing users with granular permission to 'Create and Edit Users' in the Company level Directory to assign other users an assignable Company level permission template and grant access to Company level tools. Read more in the Announcement and see tutorials to Assign a Company Permissions Template to a User in the Company Directory and Change a User's Permissions to Company Tools in the Company Directory.

New Views and Filters when Managing Projects for a User (23/05/2023)

When editing a user's projects, you can configure the projects table show specific fields, rearrange and pin columns, or apply a filter to only show the user's assigned projects. To learn how, see View User Details in the Company Directory, Add an Existing User to Projects, and Remove an Existing User from Projects.

Easily Manage Users Access to Projects (06/04/2023)

Directory Admins and users with granular permissions to Create and Edit Users can now easily edit which projects a user belongs to. Read the Announcement or Add an Existing User to Projects in Your Company's Procore Account to learn more.