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Accept or Deny a User's Request to Join Your Company

 Limited Release
This feature is currently only available for Customers in the United States who are being invited to receive payments through Procore Pay.


To accept or deny a user's request to join your company.


Users can sign up for their own accounts in Procore and request to join their company as an employee. Administrators of the company's Directory are notified by email when a request has been made. They can go to the company's Directory tool to approve or deny the request using the In Review Tab that is visible only to Admins of the company's Directory tool.

If the user's request is accepted, they will receive a 'Welcome' email. If their request is declined, the user is not notified.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
  • You cannot change a declined request. However, the user can request to join your company again and you can accept their new request.
  • Users with 'Admin' level permissions to the company's Directory tool are notifiied when a user request to join.


  1. Navigate to the company's Directory tool.
  2. Click the In Review tab.
  3. Click Accept to approve.
    Click Decline to decline the request.

After the user has been added to your company, Company Admins can continue the process of setting up Procore Pay by Adding a Bank Account to receive payments.

For the full process to set up Procore Pay as a Payee, see the Payee Setup Guide.