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Change Your Password


To change your password in Procore.


If you know your current password, you can change it at any time using the Steps below on the Password tab of your My Profile Settings page. If you do not know your current password, refer to How do I reset an unknown password?

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' level permissions or higher to the company's Portfolio tool. 
  • Requirements:

Minimum Password Requirements

  • Must be at least 8 characters
  • Must contain at least one upper case character
  • Must contain at least one lower case character
  • Must contain at least one numeric character
  • Must contain at least one of the following special characters (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + ` ~ ' " , < . > / ? [ { ] } \ | ; :)
  • Must be different than your last four (4) passwords


  1. Complete the steps in Log in to Procore Web.
  2. In the top-right corner of Procore, click the Account & Profile icon and then click My Profile Settings

    This reveals the My Profile Settings page.
  3. Click the Password tab.
  4. In the Change Password area, do the following:
    • Current Password. Enter the password you currently use to log into Procore. 

    • New Password. Enter a new password (Note: A checkmark appears next to each password requirement that has been satisfied). 

    • Confirm Password. Repeat your new password entry in this box. 

  5. Click Update.
    This changes your password. You can now use the new password when logging in to any Procore platform.

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