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Set and Apply Favourites for the Project Tools Menu


To set up a list of your favourite Procore project tools and apply to all of your projects in your company's Procore account. 


If you want to create a list of your favourite Procore project tools and then apply those favourites across all your Procore projects in your company's account, use the controls in your Favourites tab. The Favourites tab is located in the My Profile Settings page, which can be accessed by clicking your initials in the top-right corner of Procore's Company level navigation bar (Note: The Favourites tab is not available in the My Profile Settings page when it is accessed from Procore's Project level navigation bar).

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Read-Only' level permission or higher to the company's Portfolio tool.
    • 'Read-Only' level permission or higher to the Procore tools that you want to add to your favourites list. 
  • Additional Information:
    • The Favourites you define are specific to your Procore user account (i.e., a Procore Administrator cannot define a Favourites list for other Procore users).
    • You must have a default permission template assigned to your user account. If you don't have a default permission template, you will be prompted to reach out to a Procore Administrator at the company you are working with.
    • When you create or update your Favourites using the Steps below, your new settings and/or any updates will be applied to all of your projects in your company's account. If you have previously set up a project-specific favourites list, those favourites will be overwritten. To restore those settings, you can navigate to the project and follow the steps in Add Favourites to the Project Tools Menu.




  1. Complete the steps in Log in to Procore Web.
  2. Navigate to the company's Portfolio tool. 
    Important! The next step is only visible and available after navigating to a Company level tool, such as the Portfolio tool. 
  3. Click the Account & Profile icon in the navigation bar and choose My Profile Settings.
    This reveals the My Profile Settings page. 
  4. Define Your Favourites:
    1. Click the Favourites tab.
      This reveals the tools list.
      Note: If you do not see the Favourites tab, confirm that you are viewing the Company level Navigation bar. For details, see Why can't I see the Favourites tab in My Account Settings?
    2. Under Project Settings, click Active Tools
    3. Locate the desired tool in the list and place a checkmark next to it.
      For example, place a checkmark next to the Drawings tool to make it a favourite. 
    4. Repeat these steps for up to ten (10) tools. 
  5. Organize Your Favourites:
    1. Grab the desired tool by the more menu (≡). 
    2. Use a drag-and-drop operation to move it into the desired position. 
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

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