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Below are notable changes to the project's ction Plans tool in 2022.

Add Correspondence Items as References (12/12/2022)

Procore has added the ability to add correspondence as a reference when creating action plans. This allows those performing action plans to view communication regarding items within an action plan, making it easier to understand and complete those items. See Create an Action Plan.

Search for Action Plan Items (16/11/2022)

Procore has added the ability to search for Plan Items within an individual Action Plan. Search for the titles of sections or items, or for acceptance criteria or notes to easily find the Plan Items you are looking for. To learn how, see Search Action Plan Items.

Add Documents as References and Records (19/10/2022)

Procore has added the ability to add documents as references and records when creating action plans. Now, reviewing and providing documents is a seamless part of the quality review process for Action Plans. Read the Announcement and tutorials to Create an Action Plan and Perform an Action Plan.

Action Plan Statuses (29/09/2022)

Procore has added statuses to Action Plans, making it easy to track whether they are a draft, in progress, or closed. You can create custom statuses, providing flexibility when following your company’s process, and filter by status on the Action Plan List. Read the Announcement and tutorials to Create Action Plan Statuses and Update the Status of an Action Plan.

Reportable Action Plans Fields in Procore Analytics (27/09/2022)

Procore has added new reportable fields about Action Plans for customers using Procore Data Extract in Procore Analytics. Learn more about the newly available fields, Procore Data Extract and Procore Analytics.

Create Private Action Plans (12/09/2022)

Procore has added the ability to make the action plans you create private, allowing you to choose who should have access to view the action plan. Read the Announcement and tutorial to Create an Action Plan.

Add Item Level Notes on Action Plans (27/07/2022)

When creating or editing an action plan, users can now add notes to individual action plan items. Read the Announcement and tutorials to Create an Action Plan and Edit an Action Plan.

Add Correspondence Items as Records on Action Plans (19/07/2022)

Users with the appropriate permissions can now select one or more correspondence types to add as requested records when creating an action plan or creating an action plan template. See Create an Action PlanCreate a Project Level Action Plan Template, and Create a Company Level Action Plan Template. When users are performing an action plan with a correspondence record requested, they can fulfill the request by selecting an existing correspondence item or by creating and linking a new correspondence item. See Perform an Action Plan.

Updates to Linking Existing Inspections as Records on Action Plans (26/01/2022)

When linking an existing inspection as a record to an action plan, the 'Link Inspections' window now includes columns to show the 'Location' and 'Inspection Date' data from the available inspections. Additionally, inspections now display as individual cards that can be expanded or collapsed in the action plan's side panel after they been linked. See Perform an Action Plan.