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Below are the notable changes to the project's Daily Log tool in 2019.

'Trade' and 'Cost Code' Checkboxes Removed from Daily Log Configure Settings Page (19/12/2019)

With the introduction of configurable fieldsets, the 'Trade' and 'Cost Code' settings have been removed from the Daily Log tool's Configure Settings page. The options for these fields (along with several others) can now be managed through a fieldset in the Daily Log section of the Company level Admin tool. In addition to being able to hide these fields if needed, you can now also mark them as required or optional. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets or Edit Configurable Fieldsets.

To view a list of fields that can be customized for the Daily Log, see Which fields in the Daily Log tool can be configured as required, optional or hidden? 

Ability to Create Custom Fields for the Daily Log Tool's Manpower Log (14/11/2019)

Company Admin users can now create custom fields for the Daily Log tool's Manpower Log using configurable fieldsets. See Create New Custom Fields. These custom fields will function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools. 

New Configure Setting to Allow Users to be Added to a Manpower Log Entry (07/11/2019)

A new setting (Include Employees in 'Company' Dropdown) has been added to the Daily Log tool's Configure Settings page. See Configure Advanced Settings: Daily Log. If enabled, you will be able to select companies or users in the Company field of a Manpower log entry. In order for a user to be available to select, they must be marked as an employee of your company in the project's Directory tool. See How do I add someone as an employee of my company?

Daily Log Calendar View on the Procore iOS and Android Apps (04/11/2019)

The Calendar view has been added to the Daily Log tool in Procore's iOS and Android apps. See View and Manage Daily Logs in the Calendar View (iOS) and View and Manage Daily Logs in the Calendar View (Android).

Observed Weather Conditions Added to Configurable Fieldsets in the Company Admin Tool (25/10/2019)

The Observed Weather Conditions log now supports configurable fieldsets, meaning Company Admins can control which fields in the Observed Weather Conditions log are required, optional, or hidden. This release allows for more flexibility in logging and managing delays. See Which fields in the Daily Log tool can be configured as required, optional, or hidden? and Create New Configurable Fieldsets.

Expanded Options in the Daily Log Calendar View (25/9/2019)

A new modal has been added to the Calendar view in the Daily Log tool. Entries can be created, edited, approved, or deleted from within the same window. See View and Manage Daily Logs in the Calendar View.

Create Pending Manpower and Daily Construction Report Entries for Missing Companies (18/9/2019)

Procore has added a new feature to the Daily Log tool that compares a previous day's Manpower and Daily Construction Report entries to suggest when there might be missing companies on the current day's log. Users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions to the Daily Log tool can choose to create new pending entries that copy the selected company names. See Create Pending Entries for Missing Companies

Approve Pending Logs in List View (15/8/2019)

Procore has added a new option for reviewing and approving collaborator entries for the Manpower, Daily Construction Report, Notes and Delivery logs in the Daily Log tool. Instead of being redirected to a separate 'Pending Entries' page that lists all pending entries in the project, Admin users can now review, edit and approve entries in the same log they were added to. See Approve Daily Log Entries

Complete and Distribute Daily Logs from the Calendar View (5/7/2019)

Users with 'Admin' permission can now complete and distribute daily logs from the calendar view. 

New Granular Permission for 'Standard' Users to Edit and Delete Their Own Entries in the Daily Log (29/5/2018)   

Added a new 'Standard Users Can Edit and Delete Own Entries' granular permission to the Company Directory tool for the Daily Log. This permission allows 'Standard' users to edit and delete their own entries in the Daily Log, as long as the day has not been marked as complete. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template.

Configurable Fieldsets and Expanded Workforce Labour Tracking for the Daily Log (15/5/2019)

The Daily Log tool now supports configurable fields for the Manpower, Notes, and Daily Construction Report Sections. This allows users with 'Admin' permissions to the Company Admin tool to mark fields as required, optional, or hidden for one or more projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets. In addition, new fields for workforce labor tracking (e.g. women, minorities, local residents) are now available to configure for the Daily Construction Report. See Create Daily Construction Report Entries.

Calendar View for the Daily Log (15/5/2019)

Procore has added a new 'Calendar' view that displays the current state of all daily logs by month. This allows users to easily see which days are complete and which days have pending or approved entries. When viewing a day, a side panel provides a summary of entries, and users can quickly complete days or review entries. See View the Daily Log Calendar.

New Delays Section in the Daily Log (8/4/2019)

A new section has been added to the Daily Log tool for tracking delays on a project. See Create Delay Entries. Custom delay types can be added in the Daily Log's configure settings. 

New Incremented Number Control for Faster Data Entry (8/2/2019)

Updated the project's Daily Log tool to add a new incremented number control that gives users doing data entry the ability to add workers and hours more quickly. 

Improved Hover States (4/1/2019)

Procore has improved the user experience of the Daily Log tool by adding hover states to the interface. These new features place system focus on the area over which your mouse cursor hovers to provide improved visual feedback when using the Daily Log.  

Improved Comment Field (4/1/2019)

Added placeholder text to the comments field. When viewing the field, the phrase 'No comments' appears when entries have not been saved. When viewing the field in edit mode, an Add Comments prompt appears.