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Below are the notable changes to the project's Daily Log tool in 2022.

Daily log modernization (06/05/2022)

Procore users will now see a modernized and more consistent UI across the Daily Log. The Search Results and Multi-day views now use the latest components and maintain a consistent user-experience with the single-day "List" view. In addition, we have added a 'Status' filter, allowing users to filter down Daily Log entries by the Approved, Pending, and Rejected statuses. With this release, pending Daily Log entries can be approved or rejected from the list view. See Approve or Reject Daily Log Entries. There is also a new experience when adding related items to Daily Log entries. See Add a Related Item to a Daily Log Entry.

New Custom Field Types Added For the Daily Log (24/02/2022)

The following field types are now available to use for custom fields in the Manpower Log, Notes Log and Visitor Log: Rich Text, Tool User (Single Select), Project Directory User - (Single Select), and Project Directory User - (Multi-Select). See Create New Custom Fields.