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Email Drawings

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To email drawings to your contacts from the Drawings tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the project's Drawings tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • You can select any user from the project's Directory to send the email to, but only users with 'Read Only' permissions or higher to the Drawings tool will have the option to view the drawing through Procore.
    • Emailing drawings from the Drawings tool will allow the recipient(s) to view and download the drawings, with or without markups, by clicking the links in the email.
      Note: The markup on these drawings will only be the published markup present at the time the email was sent. Any personal markup will not be included.


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool.
  2. Mark the checkboxes next to the drawings that you want to email.
    Tip! You can select all drawings within a discipline by marking the checkbox next to that discipline. In addition, you can mark the checkbox at the top of the drawings list to 
    select all the drawings in the set.
  3. After you have selected all the drawings that you want to email, click Email Drawings.
  4. Fill out the appropriate fields:
    Note: You can select any user from the project's Directory to send the email to, however, only users with 'Read Only' or higher permissions to the Drawings tool will be able to view the drawing through
    • To: Select users in the project's Directory tool to send the email to. 
    • CC: This field is automatically populated with your email address so that you will receive a copy of the email in your inbox.
    • Subject: This field is automatically populated with the set the drawings are being emailed from, however, you can edit the field before sending.
    • Attachments: Add additional attachments by clicking Attach Files(s) or by dragging and dropping them into Procore.
    • Message: Add any additional comments to the email. Note that the drawing's information and a link to or attachment of the drawing will automatically appear in the email.
  5. Click Send to send the email to the listed recipients.