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Below are the notable changes to the Project level Inspections tool in 2022.

New Inspections Scheduler (17/11/2022)

With Procore’s new Inspection Scheduler, you can schedule future or recurring inspections using an existing Inspection Project Template. This new feature allows companies to automate inspection timelines, saving time and ensuring projects run on schedule. Read the Announcement and tutorials to Create an Inspection Schedule and View Inspection Schedules.

Flexible Response Types for Inspection Items (19/09/2022)

Procore has updated how you assign response types to items in Company level and Project level inspection templates, giving you more flexibility to use standard or custom response types, and bulk assign response types to items. Read the Announcement and tutorial to Create a Project Level Inspection Template.

Updated Experience Viewing Inspections on Desktop (28/07/2022)

Procore has updated the look and feel and added new functionality when viewing Inspections on desktop, to more closely align to the mobile experience. Highlights of the new experience include a new layout, the ability to add and request signatures, and improved performance.

See View Project Level InspectionsView the Activity Feed of Project Level InspectionsAdd Signers to an Inspection and Sign an Inspection.

Design Updates and New Attachment Option for Inspections (25/05/2022)

Procore has made design improvements to the Project level Inspections tool, including a new Inspection Items Preview section that shows users a preview of the inspection's items and their response options when creating or editing an inspection. Additionally, users can now attach a completed form to an inspection directly from the project's Forms tool. See Create a Project Level Inspection and Edit a Project Level Inspection.