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Edit a Project Level Custom Report


To edit a custom report that was created at the project level.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • If you have 'Admin' level permissions to the Project level Reports tool, you cannot edit a report unless you created it. 
    • If you want to edit a report that has been shared with you, you must clone the report (see Clone a Project Level Custom Report) and edit the clone.


  1. Navigate to the Project level Reports tool.
  2. In the Reports tab, locate the desired custom report.
  3. Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) and choose Edit from the shortcut menu.
    This opens the selected report in edit mode. 
  4. Edit the report as desired. To learn about your options, see Create a Custom Project Report.
  5. Edit the report's Title and Description by clicking in the desired field(s). 
  6. Click Update Report to save your changes.