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Enhanced Reporting: Create a Custom Project Report Using a Template


To create a new custom report using a template in Enhanced Reporting.


The Reports tool gives users the ability to create, generate, and export customized reports. When designing a report, its author can include data captured by specific Procore tools, and define how to group, filter, and sort report data. After generating a report, it can be exported as an .xlsx, .pdf, or .csv file. 

You can use a template from the Reports tool's Template tab to base your custom report on. Templates are pre-made reports based on industry standards that are immediately customizable, which allows you to create reports without starting from scratch.

Things to Consider  

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information:
    • When you preview a template, you might not be able to view some columns on certain tabs of the reports if you do not have the necessary permissions. When this happens, a warning message appears that tells you which fields you do not have access to based on your current permission levels.
    • When a new template option is added to the collection, users outside of the United States will experience a delay of 3-4 days before the template is available in their language of choice.


To create a report from a template in Enhanced Reporting:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tool.
  2. Search for a Template
    Filter Templates.
  3. Preview a Template.

search for a template 

  1. Navigate to the Reports tool.
  2. Select the Templates tab.
  3. Enter keywords to search for a template. 
    Note: Search will look for keywords in template titles and descriptions.
  4. Templates matching the keyword(s) are displayed.

filter templates 

  1. Navigate to the Reports tool.
  2. Select the Templates tab.
  3. Select filter options from the Filter Data Sets dropdown menu.
    Note: You can select multiple options to filter with.
  4. Templates matching the filters are displayed.

preview a template 

  1. Navigate to the Reports tool.
  2. Select the Templates tab.
  3. Click Preview next to the template you want to preview.
    This opens the template in edit mode.
  4. Edit the template as needed, then click Save.
    • Saving an edited template will automatically create a copy of the template as a new report under My Reports.
    • You can continue to edit your report after you create it if needed.
    • To learn more about creating and editing custom reports, see Enhanced Reporting: Create a Custom Report.