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Company Reports


Procore's Company level Reporting tool provides your company with access to your Procore data across your portfolio to create reports. Procore offers three types of reports:

  • Enhanced reporting allows users to build their own reports with data from across tools and with data from active and inactive projects. Users must be company admins to access.
  • Canned reports are prepopulated reports with information on important datasets - everything from high-level project overviews to company-wide timecard information.
  • Custom reports allow users to build their own reports on data from one tool on active projects only. Users must have 'Admin' level permissions to the report tool.
  • Learn about the Reports tool in Procore Certification Courses.
  • Interested in how your peers use the Reports tool? Join the conversation in Procore Community.
  • For an in-depth guide on how the data is structured, see our Enhanced Reporting: Data Guide.