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Below are the notable changes to the project's RFIs tool in 2018.

Improved RFI Sort Order (21/12/2018) 

Updated the RFIs tool so that the RFIs list now sorts by the full number. 

RFI Emails Updated for Prefix by Stage (20/11/2018)

Updated the Title and Subject lines of outgoing emails to new assignees and Ball In Court (BIC) shifts so they reflect the appropriate RFI numbering when the RFI Prefix by Stage feature is enabled. 

RFI PDF Now Includes Stage Prefix (1/11/2018) 

Updated the RFI single PDF to include the Stage prefix.

Added Stage Prefix to Single RFI PDF (1/11/2018) 

Updated the RFI single PDF to include the Stage prefix.

Added Overdue Filter Option (23/8/2018) 

Added an 'Overdue' option to the Add Filter menu in the Project level RFIs tool.

Added Create RFI Button to View RFI Page (20/8/2018) 

Added a Create RFI button to the sidebar of View RFI page. Now, when a user wants to create a RFI, they can do so directly from the View RFI page. This eliminates the need to navigate back to one of the tabs on the RFIs page.

Sub Job Cost Codes Shown In RFI Cost Code Drop-Down List (15/8/2018) 

Added to the RFIs tool a responsive cost code drop-down list that shows only the cost codes related to a selected sub job or the general cost codes if no sub job is selected.

Updated the RFIs Tool to Support Sub Jobs (3/7/2018)

Updated the Project level RFIs tool to better support construction projects when the existing Enable Sub Jobs setting has been turned ON. This is a project level configuration setting that is beneficial when a project team requires the use of job cost accounting methods on a job with sub jobs. See RFIs: Updated the RFIs Tool to Support Sub Jobs.

Use Asterisk (*) and Exact Match (" ") Wildcard Characters in Search Queries (27/6/2018)

Procore has updated the search feature in the Project Level RFIs tool to provide users with expanded search capabilities using a wildcard character. See RFIs: Use Exact Match (" ") and Asterisk (*) Wildcard Character in Search Queries.

New Dynamic RFI Form (24/5/2018)

Procore has dramatically improved the Project level RFIs tool to provide project teams and collaborators with a better end-to-end experience. For details, see RFIs: New Dynamic RFI Form.

Added 'Draft' RFIs to My Open Items (21/5/2018) 

Updated the My Open Items areas in the Portfolio tool and My Procore to ensure that RFis in the 'Draft' status appear in the user's list. See Is there a way to see all the open items in Procore assigned to me?

Improved the 'RFI Emails' Settings for the RFIs Tool (17/4/2018)

To give project managers greater control over who and when emails are sent from the Project level RFIs tool, Procore has redesigned the 'RFI Emails' area on the Configure Settings page. Users with 'Admin' level permission on the RFIs tool can now either apply the default settings (pictured below) or customize the settings to send emails to users in specific roles. Prior to this redesign, RFI administrators only had the ability to turn emails ON and OFF. See RFIs: New! Improved RFI Email Settings.

Overdue Email for RFI Now Sent to Assignee With BIC Responsibility (10/4/2018)

Updated the RFIs tool so that now, when an RFI in the 'Open' status exceeds its 'Due Date', Procore now sends an email notification to the person designated as an 'Assignee' who has Ball In Court (BIC) responsibility for the RFI. 

Removed 'View PDF' LInk from RFI Due Date Changed Email (9/3/2018)

Updated the RFIs tool to remove the 'View PDF' link from RFI Due Date Changed emails. This link was not commonly clicked by end users. For an illustration of the updated email, see When does the RFIs tool send email notifications?

RFIs That Were Closed In the 'Draft' Status Can Now Be Reopened in the 'Draft' Status (21/2/2018) 

Updated the Project level RFIs tool so that users can now reopen an RFI that was closed while it was in the 'Draft' status. To do this, click the Reopen RFI button in the sidebar. This reopens the RFI, places it back into the 'Draft' status and sends an email to the appropriate users. See What is a 'Draft' RFI?Close an RFI, and Reopen an RFI.

RFIs: Export PDFs Now Use a File Naming Convention (13/2/2018)

Updated the Project level RFIs tool so that now, when the system downloads a PDF file using the Export > All Responses or Export > Official Responses Only menu options, Procore now allows users to download a file that can be more easily identified. The PDF file name now starts with the following file naming convention: <Project Name>-<RFI Number>-<RFI Title>/pdf. See RFIs: Export PDFs Now Use a File Naming Convention.

Eliminated Redundant Email Notifications (30/1/2018)

Updated the RFIs tool to eliminate a number of redundant email notifications being sent to users who perform actions on RFIs. When a person designated as an RFI Manager is also the person who creates a 'Draft' or 'Open' RFI, the system will no longer send that RFI Manager a notification email. Likewise, if the Assignee on a RFI performs an action, that Assignee will no longer receive a notification email from the system. Other users who have permission to perform actions on RFIs and then update an RFI will also not be notified. 

New 'Include Sublocations' Option in Add Filter Drop-Down List (4/1/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to add a new 'Include Sublocations' check box option in the secondary 'Add Filter' drop-down list for 'Locations'. See Search for and Filter RFIs.

Minor Style Changes On Search And Pagination Features (2/1/2018)

Implemented minor cosmetic style changes on the RFIs tool's search and pagination features.