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Below are the notable changes to the project's Specifications tool in 2020.

'Default Revision Number' Option Added to Specifications Uploads (30/07/2020)

Admins who are uploading Specifications can now set a ‘Default Revision Number’ under ‘Advanced Options’ in the Upload window. See Upload Specifications. The number or letter entered in this field will automatically be applied to all spec sections in the upload. This saves time that would normally be spent manually editing the Revision Number on each spec section individually.

Create Configurable Fieldsets and Custom Fields for the Specifications Tool (04/06/2020)

Company Admins can now create new configurable fieldsets for the Specifications tool in order to designate which fields are required, optional, or hidden within projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets. After a fieldset is created, new custom fields can also be created and applied to the Specifications tool in one or more projects. See Create New Custom Fields.

With the ability to customize fields, you can ensure important information related to specifications is entered and later create custom reports off this custom data. Configurations for fieldsets and custom fields are reflected in projects on Procore's web and mobile applications, so your configurations and custom fields are always presented. See Which fields in the Specifications tool can be configured as required, optional or hidden?