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Log Out of Procore Drive


To learn about Procore Drive's settings and how to log out of the program.

Things to Consider

  • Any user logged into the Procore Drive can manage basic settings for the application.
  • Procore Drive observes the same user access permissions as the Procore web application.
  • To navigate between windows in Procore Drive, click the "< >" arrows at the top of the page. 

Manage Settings

After logging in to Procore Drive, you can view and manage settings. 

  1. Click the gear icon-settings-gear-grey3.png icon to access settings.
    • Click About to find the version currently installed on your system.
    • Click Settings to manage settings for Procore Drive.
      • Proxy: Use a proxy to connect to Procore by marking the checkbox next to "Use a proctor to connect to Procore."
        Note: Depending on your proxy settings, you might need to provide username/password credentials to establish a connection. See your company's IT administrator for advice. 
      • Working Directory: Click Browse if you want to change the default download location where the cache from your data in Procore Drive is stored.
        Note: We do not recommend changing the default location. 
      • Cache: Click Clear Cache if you want to clear the cached data for Procore Drive on your computer.
      • Login Settings: Mark the checkbox if you want to be logged in automatically when you launch Procore Drive.
      • Shortcut Settings: Mark or unmark the checkboxes depending on whether you want Procore Drive to show on the Desktop and Start Menu on your computer.
  2. To save any changes to your settings, click Save.

Log Out

To log out of Procore Drive:

  1. Click the gear icon-settings-gear-grey3.png icon to access settings.
  2. Click Log Out.