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Release Notes for 2018-01-08

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending January 5, 2018.


    • New Row Height Options In Project Directory Beta View (1/2/2018)
      Updated the 'Users' view of the Project Directory (Beta View) tool to provide end users with the ability to customize the row height of the line items in the table. End users now click the vertical ellipsis on the upper right side of the table to view the 'Row Height' customization options on the bottom of the popup menu in the 'Users' view. See (BETA) Customize the Column Display in the Directory Tool.
    • Consolidated Columns in Users and Companies View (1/4/2018)
      Updated the Users and Companies views in the Project level Directory tool (Beta View) so that now, the Email, Phone, and Fax information for a user is combined into a single column. Also updated the Address column so it now combines the Address, City, State, and ZIP.  In addition, changed the list order to be from most requested record to last requested record. See (BETA) Customize the Column Display in the Directory Tool.


    • Mobile Updates (1/2/2018)

      • (Procore for Android) Documents now supported offline

 Product Management

    • Renamed Meetings PDF Export File (1/2/2018)

      Updated the Meetings tool to rename the Meetings PDF export file so that now both the Agenda and Minutes export PDFs display a more meaningful name. Prior to this release, the export file used a random string name.

    New 'Include Sublocations' Option in Add Filter Drop-Down List (1/4/2018) 
    Updated the Submittals tool to add a new 'Include Sublocations' check box option in the secondary 'Add Filter' drop-down list for 'Locations'. See Search for and Filter Submittals

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

    • Added a new Prevent Overbilling On All Projects Checkbox to Company Level Admin Tool (1/4/2018)
      Added a new checkbox named 'Prevent Overbilling on All Projects' to the Project Settings page of the Company level Admin tool. If you place a mark in this checkbox, the over billing settings in the Project level Admin tool's Advanced Settings and the Project level Commitment tool's settings pages cannot be modified, the checkboxes will be disabled, and requisitions cannot be over billed.
    • Added Sticky Column Headers To The Detail And Summary View (1/5/2018)
      Updated the column headers in the Detail and Summary views of the Next Gen Change Events tool so that those headers are now "sticky" when scrolling down the page.

    • Added SSOV Detail Line Items To Commitment Contract PDFs (1/5/2018)
      When the SSOV feature is enabled, Subcontractor Schedule of Values (SSOV) detail line items are now displayed by default on the Commitment tool's contract PDF for both work order and purchase order contracts. 

    • Pre-filled Header Information For Summary Page On Owner Invoice (1/4/2018)
      Updated the create, edit, and show pages for Payment Application. Now, the Commitment Billing Period field is the first field on the page. Also updated the create page so that the Period Start and Period End dates are prefilled with the same dates as the selected Commitment Billing Period. The Commitment Billing Period will be automatically prefilled with the last Billing Period. The invoice number field will also be prefilled with the Payment Application number.

 Quality & Safety

    • Renamed Daily Log PDF and ZIP Export Files (1/4/2018)

      Updated the Daily Log tool to rename the Daily Log PDF export file so that now export PDFs and ZIPs display a more meaningful name. Prior to this release, the export file used a random string name.

 Field Productivity

No notable changes this week.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

  • Multivista
    Multivista allows project teams members to quickly grab critical information from within MultiVista and attach it to RFIs, thereby universally sharing the information within the entire project team and keeping the work moving. This affects the entire team through all phases of the RFI process including investigation, solution development, implementation, and confirmation of work. To learn more, visit: Multivista
  • syncs with your existing accounting software to easily create, send and track lien waivers and releases. Lien waivers are synced automatically to Procore. Users can view and manage lien waivers in real-time via their dashboard. Features include electronic signatures, electronic notarizations, email attachment, electronic payments, W-9/1099. To learn more, visit:
  • Jamf
    Apple device management can be time-consuming work, especially if IT is not your day job.  Make iOS and macOS device setup easy, so you can spend your valuable time doing other works.  jamf Now is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) solution for the iPads, iPhones, and Macs in your workplace.  Device management is fast, accessible and affordable, so you can support your users without help from IT. To learn more, visit: Jamf