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Commitments: Removed Sidebar from Commitments Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: July 28, 2020 /  Feature Released: August 11, 2020

Commitments: (Coming Soon!) Sidebar Removed from the Commitments Tool 

Procore will soon be removing the existing sidebar from the Commitments tool.  As part of this update, you'll see the following changes:

  • Added a new + Create button. The existing Create Purchase Order and Create Subcontract buttons have been replaced with a single +Create  button with the 'Create Purchase Order' and 'Create Subcontract' options in a drop-down list. These buttons can be turned ON/OFF by a user with 'Admin' permissions on the Commitments tool. These buttons are turned ON by default. To turn the buttons OFF, remove the checkmarks from the 'Enable Purchase Order' and 'Enable Contract' checkbox in the Configure Settings page. See Create a Purchase Order and Create a Subcontract.
  • Updated the existing sidebar views to new tabs. The existing Summary, Detailed, and Recycle Bin views in the sidebar are now tabs that appear across the top of the Commitments tool's page. On each tab, you can apply different filter options. To learn more, see View Commitments.
  • Improved the tool's filter, search, and pagination options. A new Add Filters drop-down list lets you apply one or multiple filters to narrow the data viewed in the Commitments tool. All existing filter options continue to be available. You'll also see your filter options group to improve organization. For the Search experience, we've also improved the message that appears when your keyword search doesn't yield any matching commitments. Finally, you'll see new controls to help you navigate between pages on your commitments list. See Search for and Apply Filters to Commitments.
  • Removed the Billings tab for invoicing. The Billings tab has been removed from the Commitments tool. If your user account has been granted 'Admin' permission on the Commitments tool, you can continue to use all of the functions formerly available in Commitments in the project's Invoicing tool. For details, see Invoicing.
  • Added a Reports drop-down list. For users who have been granted the appropriate permissions to the Reports tool, the report options in the sidebar now display in a Reports drop-down list. To learn more, see View Reports in the Commitments Tool.
Example: Before and After


The illustration below shows you the Commitments tool before the update.


The illustration below shows you the Commitments tool after the update. 

Why is this important?

This update is part of a larger design effort to progressively remove the right sidebar from all Procore tools in order to increase the amount of available space for each page. 

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