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Release Notes for 2020-01-20

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, January 17, 2020.

Core Tools

Ability to Rename and Delete Configurable Fieldsets

Company Admin users can now rename fieldsets by in-line editing the title fields. They can also now delete fieldsets as long as the fieldsets are not currently applied to any projects or set as the project default. See Delete Configurable Fieldsets.

Ability to Create a Project Fieldset

Company Admin users can now configure which fields on the Create and Update project pages will be required, optional, or hidden. Only one fieldset can be created, and it will automatically be applied to all projects. See Create a Default Project Fieldset.

Enhancements to Company Admin Tool

Procore has made multiple enhancements to the Company level Admin tool, including reorganizing and renaming multiple settings for a more intuitive, consistent experience. See Admin: Multiple Enhancements to Company Admin Tool.

Project Management

Coordination Issues
Move Coordination Issues to Observations

Procore has added a new feature that allows issues to be moved to observations in the Observations tool. When moving a coordination issue to an observation, users will be able to create a new observation that automatically populates information from the coordination issue. See Move a Coordination Issue to an Observation.

Added a 'Drawing Language' Setting for Drawing Uploads

Under 'Advanced Options' when uploading drawings, you can now choose Spanish, French, or English as the language that Procore will scan your set of drawings for. See Can I change the language that Procore scans my drawings for?

Financial Management

Enable Sliding Scale Retention Settings on a Commitment's Invoices

Using new controls in the Advanced Settings tab of a commitment, Procore users in Australia can now enable up to five (5) unique sliding scale rules on a purchase order or subcontract. Once saved, your settings will automatically adjust retention amounts on your project's subcontractor invoices. To learn more, see Commitments: Configure Sliding Scale Retention Settings on Subcontractor Invoices.

Resource Management

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

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