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Procore (en-CA)

Can I change the language of my Company, Project or User in Procore?


Yes. A project's language can be changed in the Project level Admin tool (see Project Level Language Changes below) and users can change the language that displays in their account in 'My Profile Settings' (see User Level Language Changes: Web below). Your Procore point of contact can also change the language displayed in the Procore web application from English to a supported language at the Company level. Please contact your Procore point of contact to submit a request for a Company level language change.

Changing a company, project or user language only affects Procore's web application and does not change the language in any of Procore's mobile applications. Users can change the language settings on their mobile device to a Procore-supported language in order to change the language that displays when using Procore's mobile application. See User Level Language Changes: Mobile Devices below.

Project Level Language Changes

Users with the appropriate permissions on the Project level Admin tool can change the language that displays in a project. This setting is managed in the 'General' tab under the Project Settings in the Project level Admin tool. See Update General Project Information. If 'None Selected' is chosen, the project's language will match the company's language for users that have not changed their user account's language in 'My Profile Settings'.


User Level Language Changes: Web

Users can change the language that displays in their own account from a list of options. This user-level setting can be changed on the My Profile Settings page, using the 'Country - Language' drop-down menu. See Change Your Account Language in 'My Profile Settings'


  • If 'None Selected' is chosen and the project's language is configured, the user account's language will match the project's language while using Project level tools and will match the company's language while using Company level tools.
  • If 'None Selected' is chosen and the project's language is not configured, the user's account language will match the company's language while using either Project or Company level tools.

User Level Language Changes: Mobile Devices

Users can change the language displayed in Procore's mobile application by adjusting the language of their mobile device. When you change your device's default language to a language supported by Procore, the language displayed in Procore's mobile app will automatically update. However, this language change is specific to your mobile device and will not affect the language associated with your company or project in Procore's web application. To adjust your device's language, see the links below:

  • For a consistent experience across Procore's web and mobile applications, the language settings in your Procore account and on mobile device should match each other whenever possible.
  • Some languages may require additional setting changes.
    • If your Procore account uses English (United Arab Emirates):
      • Change the Language on iOS devices to English and the Region to United Arab Emirates.
      • Change the Language on Android devices to English/United Kingdom.

Considerations for a Language Change

  • When a language other than English is selected, only Procore defined values are translated. For example, if a Company Admin adds custom 'trades' that are in English, the trades will still appear in English.
  • User defined text is not translated. For example, if someone responds to an RFI in English, the response will remain in English, regardless of which language is selected.
  • While Procore is striving towards language feature parity, not all features have the same level of language support as English. If you have questions, please email: