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What are the default permission levels in Procore?


Managing user access to the different tools in your company's Procore account is an important part of successfully implementing and maintaining Procore usage in your organization. 

In Procore, access to all of the tools is defined by four main permission levels:

  • None
  • Read Only
  • Standard
  • Admin

Some tools also support granular permissions, which allow users with 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions to perform specific tasks. See User Permissions Matrix - Web and User Permission Matrix - Mobile for more information about the different actions that can be performed by users with each permission level and granular permission.

Permissions to Procore's Company level and Project level tools can either be granted to users individually or granted to groups of users who need the same permission levels for the same tools in your company's Procore account using permissions templates. See Manage Project Permissions Templates and Manage Company Permissions Templates.

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