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What is Procore's data backup strategy?


Procore maintains a robust “high-availability” strategy to protect our customers against software problems, hardware failure and even large-scale natural disasters. The pillars of this approach are redundancy, geographic diversity and replication of data. These pillars protect our entire information technology infrastructure. All hardware and software used to store customer data and deliver the Procore application to our customers is so protected.

Procore maintains several replicas of the application software on each server. This replication allows for fast roll-back in the event of a software issue. We maintain the software on dozens of servers located in different secure data centres. This diversity protects against hardware failure and local service issues. In the event of any failure, our system logic sends any customer requests to another server. This redundancy allows us to service the affected system with no customer impact.

Procore maintains customer data and assets in our private and secure application database. Our service providers host the database in secure data centers. Procore’s highly available architecture maintains the data across these data centers. Data is written to independent servers located in at least three separate locations at any time.

All critical data is copied to off-site storage regularly. Remote copies are maintained in secure data centers. These backups allow a complete recovery of the database as-of the snapshot time, protecting our customers against a datacenter disaster.

Procore routinely tests and validates our ability to recover from a variety of problem scenarios. Our "test scenarios" for our most critical services range up to the scenario of total regional loss. Frequent testing ensures that our recovery plans allow us to meet or beat our aggressive recovery targets.