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What is the difference between a labour productivity budget view and field production report?


When using Procore's reporting and budget features to track labour hours and costs, it helps to understand the differences between these items:

  • View a Field Production Report to Track Labour Hours
    Field Production Reports are designed to help project foremen and superintendents in the field track and compare budgeted labour hours entered in the project's Timesheets tool. This provides the field team with real-time insights into productivity rates and corresponding cost codes, allowing them to make more informed decisions while on-site. Field Production Reports can be accessed from the project's Reports or Timesheets tool. See View a Field Production Report.
    Note: 'Admin' level permissions are required to set up a Field Production Report. See Set Up a Field Production Report.
  • Create a Budget View for Real-Time Labour Productivity
    The budget view is designed for project managers and accountants who want to monitor a project's budget in real-time to identify labour cost overruns. To accomplish this, you can create a Real-Time Labour Costing budget view that leverages Procore unit-based budget columns and a 'Timesheet Hours' column as described in Add a Budget View for Real-Time Labour Productivity. This recommended budget view lets you track real-time labour costs as timecard entries are submitted in these Procore tools: TimesheetsTimecard, My Time (Android)My Time (iOS). You can also customize it to meet your specific business needs.