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Release Notes for 2023-10-23

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, October 20, 2023.

Core Tools


Inactivate Connected Users

You can now inactivate users and tender contacts from a connected company in your company's Directory. This also allows you to inactivate a connected company. See Inactivate a User in the Company Directory and Inactivate a Company in the Company Directory.

Configurable Employee Field When Creating New Users

When creating a new user, you can update the 'Is Employee' field to indicate if the user is an employee of your company. By default, users are not marked as employees, making it easy to add collaborators. If you do not want to show this field, you can create or edit the configurable fieldset for the Directory to hide the field. Hiding the field also removes it from the user's detail page. Read the Announcement for more details.


No notable changes.

Project Management

Daily Log

New Granular Permission for Collaborators

Procore has added a new granular permission for the Daily Log tool that allows collaborators to see daily log entries made by other collaborators at their same company. Learn more by reading the announcement or see What granular permissions are available for the project's Daily Log tool?

Financial Management

assign buDget codes to commitment sov line items at any time before sending commitments to erp

Procore's ERP integrations now offer the ability to save commitment schedule of value (SOV) line items without assigned budget codes when building your commitment SOV. Previously, the contract's SOV could not be saved unless a budget code was assigned to each line item. Budget codes must still be assigned before sending the commitment to your ERP system. This feature offers increased flexibility in the creation of a commitment's SOV.

Workforce Management

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

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