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Release Notes for 2024-01-08

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, January 5, 2024.

Project Management


New lookahead schedule Options

Procore has updated the project level Schedule tool to now give you the option to create a follow-up lookahead that only pulls tasks from your schedule while ignoring the previous lookahead information. Previously, Procore pulled in tasks and changes from the previous lookahead as well. See Create a Lookahead Schedule.

Financial Management

ERP Integrations

New! Sync Owner Invoices with the QuickBooks® Online CONNECTOR

You can now export owner invoices from Procore directly to your integrated QuickBooks® Online system using Procore's QuickBooks® Online Connector. This feature will NOT be automatically available. Reach out to your Procore point of contact to request to enable this feature.

To learn more about how owner invoices are exported through the integration, see Export Owner Invoices from Procore to ERP and Detailed Data Mapping for QuickBooks® Online.

New! Export procore Projects to Workday®

Previously, projects could only be imported from Workday® into Procore. You can now export projects from Procore directly to your integrated Workday® system. This feature is automatically available to customers with the Procore + Workday® Connector. 

To learn more, see Send a Procore Project to ERP for Accounting Acceptance and Things to Know About Workday®.


Manage Sub-Tier Lien Waivers in Subcontractor Invoices

Payors can now provide payees with the ability to collect signed lien waivers from their sub-tier subcontractors outside of Procore and upload them to a subcontractor invoice. Payors can now Enable Sub-Tier Waivers on Subcontractor Invoices and configure the types of sub-tier lien waivers to collect. Once configured, a payee's invoice contact can Add Sub-Tier Information and Upload Sub-Tier Waivers in their subcontractor invoice. Before approving an invoice for payment, invoice administrators can also Review Sub-Tier Lien Waivers. For an overview of the tasks Procore Pay users can perform, see Manage Sub-Tier Waivers.

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