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What is an invoice contact?


An Invoice Contact is a person who ensures that a subcontractor invoice is submitted to an upstream contractor for payment. In Procore, an invoice contact is always an employee of the designated 'Contract Company' on a purchase order or subcontract. The contract company is the party responsible for performing work and/or supplying materials for a project.

Common Questions

How do I add an invoice contact to Procore? 

To add an invoice contact to Procore, you must create two records in your Company level Directory tool:

  • A company record for the 'Contract Company'. This is the company or vendor that is performing work for your company. See Add a Company to the Company Directory.
  • A user account in the Company Directory. This is the account person who works for the 'Contract Company' and will serve as an invoice contact. See Add a User Account to the Company Directory
    • When adding or updating the invoice contact's user account in the Company Directory, ensure that:
      • The user account in the Company level Directory tool is set to Active.
      • The email address entered for the user account is valid.
      • The 'Send this User Messages' setting in the user account must be turned ON by selecting the Via Email option from the drop-down list.  
    • When adding or updating the 'Contact Information' on the company record's 'General' tab in the Company Directory, the user must be listed in the 'People' tab to appear as a selection in the Company Directory tool's 'Invoice Contacts' drop-down list.
    • The users that you designate as 'Invoice Contacts' in the Company Directory are then available in the 'Invoice Contacts' drop-down list on a purchase order or subcontract.

How do I designate a user as an invoice contact? 

To designate an invoice contact to Procore, you have these options:

Do invoice contacts receive emails from Procore?

Yes. If you are designated as an invoice contact for your company, your Procore user account will receive emails when the following actions occur:

Do invoice contacts need to be granted special access permissions to Procore?

No. If you have been designated as an invoice contact on a commitment, Procore automatically adds you to the 'Private' list for that commitment. This means you can view that commitment in Procore, as long as your Procore user account meets the requirements details in Add Invoice Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract.

  • On a subcontractor invoice, the contact's name appears in the 'Invoice' section of the Advanced Settings tab in the 'Invoice Contacts.' Contacts can also receive invites to submit subcontractor invoices and reminder emails from Procore.

What can invoice contacts add or update in Procore?

It depends on the Procore company account you are using and the permissions your Procore user account has been granted. Most Procore clients do not allow invoice contacts to add or update data in Procore. However, Procore customers do have the option to allow invoice contacts to:

  • Create a subcontractor invoice. You might be invited to create and submit a subcontractor invoice for the current billing period. To learn more, see Submit a New Invoice as an Invoice Contact.
  • Update a Subcontractor SOV.  A Subcontractor Schedule of Values (Subcontractor SOV) on a commitment is typically completed when the upstream contractor (for example, a general contractor) requires a detailed line-item breakdown of work performed by a downstream contractor (for example, a subcontractor). To learn more, see Update the Subcontractor SOV as an Invoice Contact.