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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Admin tool in 2016.

Show Default Submittal Types In Company Admin Tool (23/9/2016)

Updated the Company level Admin tool on the 'Submittals Configuration' page so that now, Procore's default submittal types are shown in the list. In addition, the following types have been removed from Procore's default list: 'Pay Request', 'Payroll', and 'Specification'.

Added Change Events to Project Extracts (17/8/2016)

Added Change Events as an option in the 'New Extract' drop-down list under Project Settings > Extracts in the Admin tool. See Extract Project Information.

New Session Timeout Interval (3/8/2016)

Company Administrators can now request to enable a new session timeout interval for their company's Procore users. This specifies the amount of time that must pass before your user's Procore sessions are ended after a period of inactivity. This is a company-wide setting that cannot be applied on a per-project or per-user basis. See Request to Enable a Session Timeout Interval

Add Custom Observation Types (29/3/2016) 

Added the ability to create new observation types at the company level. Users can now navigate to the Company level Admin tool and click the Observation Types Configuration link (under Administrative Settings in the right pane) area to then add, delete and edit observation types. See Add Custom Observation Types.

Alternate Cost Codes From Admin Tool Now Visible in Budgets Tool (11/1/2016) 

If a user with 'Admin' permissions to the Company level Admin tool enters a value in the 'Alternate Name for Cost Codes' field of the Company Settings page, that value is now visible in the Project level Budget tool (see Budget) in both the budget views and budget table headers.