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Inactivate a Contact in the Company Directory


To inactivate a contact in the Company level Directory.


Some of Procore's project tools provide your project team members with the ability to create a 'contact'. In Procore, a contact is a person whose name may be required as part of a data entry value, but does not have a user account to log in to Procore. Examples of contacts include craft workers, temporary laborers or seasonal employees or site visitors with no affiliation to one of the project's teams. For additional information on contacts in Procore, see  What is a 'contact' in Procore and which project tools support the concept?

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Company level Directory tool.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts tab.
  3. Mark the checkbox next to one or more contacts you want to inactivate.
  4. Click Bulk Actions and select Inactivate.
  5. In the 'Inactivate Contacts' window, click Inactivate.
    Note: Click the X next to a contact's name to remove them from the list of contacts to inactivate.


    The inactivated contact's record is moved to the 'Inactive Contacts' tabs in the Company level Directory tool and in any Project level Directory tool for projects the contact was associated with.