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Interactive Workflow Diagram

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Configure Advanced Settings: Tendering
Configure Advanced Set...


Upload Tender Documents
Upload Bid Documents


Create a
Tender Package
Create a...


Add Vendors to Company Directory
Add Vendors to Company...


Search for and Invite Tenderers
Search for and Invite...


Add New Companies and Contacts*
Add New Companies and...


Respond to
Pre-Bid Questions
Respond to...


Send Correspondences
Send Correspondences


Update Tender Files
Update Bid Documents


Users to Tender


Review Submitted Tenders
Review Submitted Tenders
Awarded Project?
Awarded Project?
Award Winning Tender and Convert to Commitment
Award Winning Bid and...


Approve and Sign
a Commitment Contract
Approve and Sign...


Submit Pre-Tender Question
Submit Pre-Bid Questi...


Indicate your Intention to Tender
Indicate your Intenti...


Download Tender Documents
Download Bid Document...


View Tender Package
View Tender Package


Receive Tender
Invitation Email?
Receive Bid...


Submit a Tender
Submit a Bid


Update a
Submitted Tender
Update a...


Check Status of Tender
Check Status of Bid


Awarded Tender?
Awarded Bid?
Tender Manager
Bid Manager
Procore Admin
Procore Admin
*Need to have Directory Admin permissions
*Need to have Directory...
Outside Tendering tool
Outside Bidding tool


Award Winning Tender and Convert to Subcontract
Award Winning Bid and...


Award Winning Tender and Convert to Purchase Order
Award Winning Bid and...