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This page details notable changes for the Project level Submittals tool in the year 2016. 

Added Alert Message When Submittal Manager Not In Project Directory (13/12/2016)

Added an alert message that reads, "[First Last] is not on the Project Directory. Please add [First Last] to the project directory" and appears only when a Procore Administrator attempts to create a revision of the original submittal and attempts to designate themselves as a 'Submittal Manager'. For the system to recognize a Submittal Manager as a valid entry, the user must always exist in the project's Directory tool.

Added 'Default Submittal Manager' To Configure Submittal Settings (7/12/2016)

Updated the Configure Submittals Settings page to add the 'Default Submittal Manager' drop-down list. By default, the 'Submittal Creator' is selected. On new projects, users with 'Admin' permission can change this setting to designate a specific person as the 'Default Submittal Manager' for all new project submittals. On existing projects, the system will auto-designate the creator as the manager. In addition, 'Admin' users can change the value in when creating or editing a submittal. If the person designated as the 'Default Submittal Manager' no longer has the required permissions to the tool, the end user will be prompted to designate a new person. See Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals Tool.

Changed 'Creator' To 'Submittal Manager' For CSV Imports (23/11/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to replace the 'Creator' field with the 'Submittal Manager' field in the header of the CSV import template. When entering data in the template, the full email address for the user designated as the 'Submittal Manager' must be in the Project Directory and must have 'Standard' level permission or higher to the Submittals tool. 'Submittal Manager' is a required field. If the 'Submittal Manager' field is left blank when importing a template, the user performing the import will be required to designate a submittal manager during the import process. If you want to import submittals to a project, you must submit a request (see Request a Submittals Import).

Added 'Responsible Contractor' To Submittal Packages (15/11/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to add a 'Responsible Contractor' column that reveals the person assigned on the individual submittals within a submittal package.

New 'Submittal Manager' Field In The Submittals Tool (4/11/2016)

A new 'Submittal Manager' has been added to the Submittals tool. For new submittals created after today's update, the value in the 'Submittal Manager' field will be set (by default) to the person who created the submittal. If the user creating the submittal has 'Admin' permissions, the 'Submittal Manager' field will be a drop-down list and the user can change the 'Submittal Manager' to be another person at any point in the submittal's lifecycle. For submittals that were created prior to today's update, the Submittal Manager will also be set to the person who created the submittal. Only an 'Admin' can change the 'Submittal Manager' in those submittals. The Submittal Manager drop-down list is populated with both 'Standard' and 'Admin' users on the Submittals tool. See Create a Submittal.

Replaced 'Views' Menu In Submittals Tool With 'Group By' Subtabs (25/10/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool move the 'Views' sidebar to set of 'Group By' tabs subtabs that now appear at the top of the Submittals page. Users can now click these links to reload the Submittals table (as opposed to reloading the entire page). This allows users to switch between views faster. When users export the views to PDF, the selected view is respected. See View Submittals and Switch Between Views.

Updated Wording Of Submittal Packages Sorting (24/10/2016) 

Updated the Submittals tool to change the wording of the sort configuration, to inform users that the primary sort order for submittal packages is the #. The wording was changed from: "Submittal Packages List Sort by Title" to "Submittal Packages List Sort by Number."

Improved Error Messaging For New Submittal Package Numbering Feature (19/10/2016)

When Submittal Packaging Numbering was initially released, there was a brief amount of time where some submittal packages had no numbers and a 500 error would occur when the Bulk Review feature was enabled and a user attempted to create a submittal revision in a package with no number. This has been fixed and the tool now displays an error message if a user attempts to create a submittal package without a number. See Create a Submittal Package with Submittal Workflow

New Feature: Submittal Package Numbering (10/10/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to add the ability for users to number their submittal packages (see Create a Submittal Package with Submittal Workflow). In conjunction with this, a field has been added to the submittals import template called "Package #" (See Import Submittals (Sequential Approval) and Import Submittals (Parallel Approval)). To import submittals into an existing package, the 'Package Title', 'Package Spec Section', and 'Package #' must exactly match. Users will not be able to create packages without a number in Procore. If a user edits a pre-existing package that did not have a number, they will be prompted to enter a number for it. If users upload packages without numbers through the import process (see Request to a Submittals Import), the package will be assigned the number one (1).

Show Default Submittal Types In Company Admin Tool (23/9/2016)

Updated the Company level Admin tool on the 'Submittals Configuration' page so that now, Procore's default submittal types are shown in the list. In addition, the following types have been removed from Procore's default list: 'Pay Request', 'Payroll', and 'Specification'. See What are the default submittal types in Procore?

Added An Export Data As: Excel Button In Submittals Tool (14/8/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to add an 'Excel' button in the 'Export Data As' options. Users can now export the Submittals log to the open XML spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel. See Export the Submittals Log

Updated the Packages View In The Submittals Tool (13/9/2016)

Updates the Packages view in the Submittals tool to match the other views. The Search and Filter options are now 'sticky', so they remember the settings that you used in the previous session. Replaced the 'Submittals' column with three new columns: 'Number', 'Revision', and 'Title'. This lets users sort the submittals in a package by each column. The 'Displaying #-#' caption at the top of the Packages page numbers the packages, not the individual submittals within the packages. In addition the 'Views' menu now lists the views in this order: List, Packages, Spec Sections and Recycle Bin. In addition, the Bulk Actions menu at the top of the page is grayed out. Bulk Actions are not available in the Packages view.

Changed Tooltip for 'Private' In Submittals Tool (7/9/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to change the wording on the 'Private' tooltip that appears in the 'Forward Submittals' page that appears when you click the Email button. The tooltip text was changed from "only recipients will be able to view this email" to "only recipients and admins will be able to view this email" to better communicate the 'Private' setting. See Forward a Submittal By Email

Changed Label On Configuration Setting In Submittals Tool (7/9/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to change the name of a 'Configure Submittals Settings'. The label on the 'Submittal Log Item Sort By Number' drop-down list (i.e., the second drop-down list on the Submittals Settings page) has been changed 'Submittal Spec Section List Sort By Number' to be more descriptive. See Configure Advanced Settings: Submittals Tool.

Added Min/Max Zoom To PDF Viewer In Submittals Tools (31/8/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to add a maximum and minimum zoom to the PDF Viewer.

Updated the Multiple Submittal Views with New Features (23/8/2016)

Updated three views in the Submittals tool with new options. The List and Recycle Bin views now include a slide control that lets users reveal the columns that are out-of-view on the page. The Spec Sections view now includes the slide control and also lets users click an arrow button to expand and collapse the items in view by Spec Section. See View Submittals.

New Bulk Actions > Edit Menu In Submittals Tool (17/8/2016)

Added a new Bulk Actions menu at the top of the Submittals list view. Users can place checkmarks to the left of the desired submittals and then click Bulk Actions > Edit. This reveals a page that shows the selected submittals and lets users apply changes to the submittals in bulk. This new menu is available in the List, Submittals and Recycle Bin Views. It is not available in Packages view. See Perform Bulk Actions on Submittals

Added New Submittals Training Video in Action Required Email (17/8/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to add a link to the new Submittals Training video in the 'Action Required for Submittal' email message.

Fixed Attach Files Issue In The Email Forward Submittal Page (27/7/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to fix an issue that occurred when a user viewed an individual submittal and then clicked the 'Email' button. On the Forward Submittal page, clicking the 'Attach File(s)' button incorrectly opened the Submittals List page. The gray 'Drag-and-Drop' area was also missing. These issues have been fixed.

Added Create New Spec Section Option To Submittals Tool (12/7/2016)

Updated the Submittals to add a "Create New Spec Section" option in the Spec Section drop down list. This gives users to create spec sections on-the-fly (that are added to the Specifications tool) when they are creating submittal items and submittal packages. See Create a Submittal and Create a Submittal Package with Submittal Package Workflow

CSV Submittals Log Imports Restricted to 1 MB Maximum File Size (7/7/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to implement a 1 MB size restrictions on CSV imports to the Submittals log. Procore users typically complete an XSLS file and then your Procore point of contact converts the XLSX file to the required CSV format.  See Import Submittals (Sequential Approval) and Import Submittals (Parallel Approval)

Added Tooltip To Submittals Tool (1/7/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to add a tooltip that appears when a user hovers over a drawing's Title when attaching drawing in Procore to a submittal.

Added Error Messages When Character Limits Exceeded (21/6/2016)

Error messages now appear when users attempt to create a submittal and enter values greater than 255 characters in these fields:  Number, Revision, Type and Custom text field 1.

Added Columns To Custom Reports In Submittals Tool (16/6/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to add 'Approvers Due Date' to the list of columns for custom reports created with the Submittals tool.

Fixed Custom Field Alignment In Submittals Tool (24/5/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to fix an alignment issue that was occurring when viewing submittals that included custom fields. Custom fields are now aligned as expected.

Fixed Ball In Court Person Issue In Filter By Menu (24/5/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to fix an issue with the Filter By menu. When a user selected 'Ball In Court' from the menu in the right pane and then selected a user who was had once been a reviewer on the submittal's approval workflow (but had also been removed as an approver prior to applying the filter), the system would return results that included the submittals on which the user was no longer named as an approver. This issue has been fixed.

Updated Default Distribution List In Configure Submittal Settings Page (5/5/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool so that now the Default Distribution drop-down list in the Configure Submittal Settings page sorts options alphabetically.

Users Must Now Confirm Deletion Requests For Submittal Packages (19/4/2016)

The Submittals tool has been updated so it now prompts users with an "Are you sure, this action cannot be undone." message when users attempt to delete a submittal package. Once deleted, packages are permanently removed from the system (and not moved to the Recycle Bin) and not recoverable. The wording on the delete confirmation banner has been changed to reflect this functionality from "Your package has been moved to the Recycle Bin." to "Your package has been deleted."

Added Overdue Email Notifications For Ball In Court Person On Submittals (18/4/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to change how overdue submittal email notifications work. Prior to this release, Procore only sent overdue emails after the Final Due Date for the submittal passed (when the sequential approval process was enabled). Now, when a Ball In Court (BIC) person's due date passes, Procore sends the BIC person an overdue message.

Added Linked Drawings In The Current Set Field (7/4/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool to add "Linked Drawings in the Current Set" which appears on the view page for submittals that have been linked to a drawing.

Renamed the 'Not Yet Submitted' Status To 'Draft' (31/3/2016)

Changed the name of the 'Not Yet Submitted' status to 'Draft.' The 'Draft' status is used to denote that a submittal has been created, but is not yet ready to be sent to the design team for review and approval. When a user creates a new submittal, its default status is set to 'Open.'

Added A New 'Not Yet Submitted' Status The Submittals Tool (24/3/2016)

A new status selection named "Not yet submitted" is now visible in Status drop-down list of the create and edit pages in the Submittals tool. This status is being added for use in situations where a submittal has been created, but is not in a state where it is ready to be sent to the design team for review and approval.

Added Company Name To PDF Submittals Distribution Summary (9/3/2016)

Updated the Submittals tool so that when a user distributes a submittal, the exported PDF lists the name of the person who distributed the submittal, as well as their company name. The company was added to appear in parentheses next to the person's name under the Distribution Summary section in the PDF.

Added The Scheduled Task Column To Create Submittal Custom Report Page (4/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to add the Scheduled Tasks check box to the list of Columns to include on a report. This appears on the Create Submittal Custom Report page, which can be accessed by clicking Create New Custom Report under the Submittal Reports menu in the right pane. See Create a Custom Submittals Report

Fixed Update Button Behaviour In Submittals Tool (Package Workflow) (1/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to fix an issue with the "Create and Send for Review" button in a submittal package when the package workflow framework is enabled on a project. Prior to this fix, the button was not sending packages for review in the Firefox browser. This has been fixed and the Create and Send for Review button now works as expected in all browsers.

Added Revision Number To Submittal Dropdown In Drawings Markup (29/2/2016)

Updated the Project level Drawings tool to add the Revision Number to the list of submittals in the dropdown menu that appears when users link a submittal in a drawing markup.

Updated The Submittal Import Template Download For The Specifications Tool (29/2/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that now when the import template for submittals is downloaded, the template includes all the spec section numbers and descriptions that already exist. If packages already exist they are listed first, followed by a new package row and all of the existing spec sections.

Added Location Column To CSV Export For Submittal Package Workflow (27/2/2016)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that when the package workflow framework is enabled, the CSV data export from the Submittal Logs will include a Locations column that shows the multi-tiered location associations (see Export the Submittals Log). For example: "First Floor > West Wing > Back Office > Receiving". The Location column will appear to the right of the Description column in the CSV export. When the Package Workflow feature is disabled, the CSV export will not include a Locations column.

Link Scheduled Tasks from P6 and Microsoft Project to a Submittal (15/2/2016)

Users now have the ability to link a scheduled task from Primavera (P6) and Microsoft Project to a submittal. This assists users who rely on the Master Schedule when creating a project's submittal schedule understand how material submittals might impact the critical path and project milestones.

Now Matching Specs to CSV Submittal Imports By Number Only (12/2/2016)

Procore now matches specifications to CSV submittal imports using only the spec's Number. Prior to this fix, CSV import required that data exactly match both the spec's Number & Description, otherwise a duplicate was created. See Submit a Request for a Submittals Import.

Added 'Received From' Tooltips To Submittals and RFI Tools (28/1/2016)

Added 'Received From' tool tips to Project level Submittals tool and the Project level RFI tools (see RFIs) when creating or viewing an item.

PDF Exports From Submittals Tool Now Include Spec Section In Filename (22/1/2016)

Fixed an issue with PDF exports from the Project level Submittals tool where the spec section was not being included in the filename of the PDF, even though the Number Submittals by Spec Section configuration setting had been enabled. This is no longer an issue.

New Columns for Submittal Packages When Package Workflow Enabled (12/1/2016)

Added two (2) new columns in the Submittal Packages log. The following columns are only visible when the package workflow feature (this is a beta feature) is enabled on the backend: (1) Distributed Date and, (2) Response. These columns are also included in the PDF exports of Submittal Packages.