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Release Notes for 2017-12-18

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending December 15, 2017.



    • Added Project Links to External Online Resources
      With Project Links, users can now share bookmarks to external websites, webcams, tools (i.e., Google Sheets), and other online resources on the Project Home page. Simply add an external URL and a title to the Project Home page to provides your users with quick access to your external online resources.
      • Why? Procore users rely on many external tools and resources to do their jobs. Increasing numbers of Procore users have asked for this feature, for quicker access information without having to exit Procore's web application. 
      • How do I get it? Procore Project Administrators can submit a request to your company's Procore point of contact to enable this feature in Procore.
      • Learn More: Add, Modify, or Remove Project Links
    • Added 'ROM Total Amount' Column to PCO Report
      If you have enabled the project's Change Events (Next Gen) tool in Procore, you'll notice a new column that shows the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) total amount (i.e., 'ROM Total Amount'). This column is in both the Company and Project level Reports tools when creating custom reports that include Potential Change Order (PCO) information. 

 Product Management


    • New Hyperlink Detection For Vector-Based Drawing Uploads
      Procore can now find vector-based text on a drawing to create a hyperlink over the top of the text. In this initial release, a new turquoise, rectangle-shaped link appears when the system detects a vector format. If the file is raster-based, you still see the turquoise circle hyperlinks available in previous versions.
      • Why? This update improves Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the Drawings tool and allows Procore to develop more flexible features in the future. 
      • Learn More: Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking
        • The initial release detects sheet numbers only. However, enhanced functionality and callouts are planned for future release. 
        • This update only affects newly uploaded drawings, it is not applied retroactively to existing drawings.
        • This update is supported in Procore for Android, Procore for iOS, and Procore for Windows.
    • New Mobile Measurements Workflow
      Changes the flow to calibrate a drawing in order to make it easier to make fine adjustments to the endpoints of the calibration line prior to entering the value of the measurement.
      • (Android, iOS, Windows) Support for the new vector hyperlinked detection feature detailed above. 
      • (iOS) Users can now create and link RFIs to Drawings in offline mode.
  • RFIs
    • Custom Reports Created in the Reports Tool Now Display in the RFI Tool's Sidebar
      When you create a custom report that includes data from the RFIs tool, the link now appears in the RFIs toolbar if you are the person who created the report. 

 Construction Financials


    • Negative Numbers Now Displayed in Parentheses on SOV and SSOV
      We've updated the Schedule of Values (SOV) and Subcontractor Schedule of Values (SSOV) tables in the Commitments tool so that amount-based and unit-based contracts now display negative amounts in parentheses. Prior to this update, a minus sign appeared in front of the number. 
    • New 'Invoice Contacts' Field
      Added a new 'Invoice Contacts' field to the Purchase Order and Work Order General tabs in the create, edit, and view a commitment pages. In addition, the 'Request Billing Distribution' field on the Advanced Settings tab is now named 'Invoice Contacts'. This shows the contacts at the Contract Company's to whom you may send email.

 Quality & Safety


No notable changes this week.

 Field Productivity


    • Added 'Signature' Thumbnail Option to Custom Reports
      Added a signature column to the custom reports feature in the Company and Project level Reports tool. This provides users with the ability to include a thumbnail image of employee signatures from the Timesheets tool. 

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

  • Microsoft SQL Server by Construction BI
    The SQL Server App for Procore provides a quick and easy way to access your Procore data with any SQL compliant tool. The SQL Server App for Procore integrates your Construction Financials, Project Management, Quality & Safety, and Company-level data into a ready to use SQL Server database. By having your Procore data available in a SQL Server database, you can easily create custom reports or build your own integrations.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Eliminate the time and cost of writing custom code to extract data out of Procore API’s’ to directly access your data in a SQL Server database.

      • Quickly connect Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Domo, Cognos, Crystal Reports or any other reporting tool to the SQL Server database and build your own custom reports.

      • Create data exports and integrations by simply connecting to SQL Server with any SQL compliant tool.

    • Learn More: SQL Server by Construction BI

  • GenieBelt
    The projects linked from GenieBelt into Procore will always display real-time progress automatically. In that way, you will never have to work with old data. Moreover, you can confidently use Procore’s Schedule tool and link to other Procore features knowing fully that progress, tasks and dates are always up-to-date in real-time.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Sync tasks from GenieBelt to Procore

      • Get real-time progress updates automatically

      • Avoid working with old data

    • Learn More: GenieBelt

  • PipelineSuite
    PipelineSuite Bid Management Software streamlines your pre-construction bidding process so you can perform all your bidding functions in a fraction of the time. We also make it easy for your invited subs to access your projects, respond to bid requests, download plans and specs without having to sign up or create an account. And now PipelineSuite users can push project and subcontractor info into Procore to avoid entering data twice.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Push project information from PipelineSuite into Procore, no need to create projects in Procore.
      • Push subcontractors from PipelineSuite into Procore, no need to reenter them in Procore.
      • Push plans, specs, and docs from PipelineSuite into Procore so you don’t have to reupload them.
    • Learn More: PipelineSuite

  • BuildUp
    Buildup enables automatic import of project and personnel information already set up in Procore to be instantly used by Buildup’s Issue Management System throughout the lifetime of your project. This helps you to avoid the headaches of double data entry and gets you up and running with your project structure in seconds vs. days with synced accuracy.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Automatically load your construction team and subcontractors and their contact information needed to get your mobile issue management system set up and working
      • Quickly onboard the sections and/or units of your project that you need to complete and inspect every step of the way during your construction process
      • Avoid redundancy of entering project data twice into both systems
    • Learn More: BuildUp