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How do I verify an Australian Business Number (ABN)?


If an Australian company, vendor, or supplier is working with your company on a project, users with the necessary permissions to edit companies on the Company level Directory tool (see Edit a Company in the Company Directory) can verify an Australian Business Number entry with the Australian Government's ABN Lookup database ( directly from Procore.

Add and Verify an ABN

  1. Navigate to the Company or Project level Directory tool. 
  2. Locate the company record you want to add an ABN to and click Edit
  3. In the Entity Type drop-down menu, select ABN.
  4. Enter an ABN in the blank field.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
    The page refreshes automatically. The ABN Status is listed as "Not Verified."

  6. Click Verify ABN.
    The system checks the status for the ABN and updates the ABN Status (including the Last verified timestamp) automatically.


Statuses and Definitions

ABN Status Definition
Active The ABN number is valid and active in the ABN Lookup system.
Cancelled The ABN number is not valid and has been cancelled in the ABN Lookup system
Does Not Exist The ABN entry does not exist in the ABN Lookup system.
Not Verified The ABN entry has not yet been verified.