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Enable or Disable the DocuSign® Integration on a Procore Project


To enable the Procore + DocuSign® integration on a Procore project. 


Before you can enable the Procore + DocuSign® integration on a Procore project, your company's Procore Administrator must enable it in your company's Procore account. See Enable the DocuSign® Integration on Your Company's Procore Account. Once enabled, the DocuSign® integration is enabled by default on all new Procore projects.

  • When creating a new project based on a project template, the DocuSign® setting will be disabled on your new project if it is disabled in the project template. This is because the DocuSign® setting in a project template takes precedence over Procore's default setting. See What is a Project Template? and What gets copied over to a new project when applying a project template? 
  • To change the setting on an existing project, a user with 'Admin' permission on a project's Admin tool can use the steps below.

Once DocuSign® is enabled on a project, Procore users who want to request signatures with DocuSign® must follow the steps in Link Your DocuSign® Account to a Procore Project. If you only plan to sign documents with DocuSign®, you do not need an account. See Do I need a DocuSign© account?

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the project's Admin tool. 
  2. Under Project Settings, click the General link.
  3. Scroll to the Advanced section of the page.
  4. Choose from these options:
    • To enable the DocuSign® integration on the project, place a mark in the Enable DocuSign® checkbox. This is Procore's default setting, unless your project was created with a project template where the settings was disabled.  
    • To disable DocuSign® on the project, remove the mark from the Enable DocuSign® checkbox. 
    • If you do NOT see an Enable DocuSign® check box, the Procore + DocuSign® integration your company's Procore Administrator needs to Enable the DocuSign® Integration on Your Company's Procore Account.

  5. Click Update
    The 'Project Successfully Updated' banner appears to confirm the change.

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