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Configure Your Company Settings

 Limited Release
Procore is adding a new 'Company Information' tab where certain companies can manage their company logo and office settings. If you do not see the 'Upload Company Logo' or 'Office Settings' options in the 'General Settings' tab, see Manage Company Information instead.


To configure settings and preferences for your company's Procore account using the Company level Admin tool.


The Admin tool lets you define a variety of general settings and preferences for your company's Procore account.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Admin tool.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Admin tool.
  2. Under 'Company Settings', click General Settings.
  3. Follow the steps detailed below to update: 

General Settings

  • Company Name. Enter your organization's company name. For example, Brick Construction, Nelson General Contractors and so on. This is the company name that will appear on all of the emails, forms and reports generated by Procore.

  • Time Zone. Select a time zone for your organization from the drop-down list. This setting ensures that the system's date and timestamps are set to the appropriate timezone for your business (e.g., timecard entries, change histories and so on). It also determines the regional weather forecasts for your location.

  • Employer Identification Number: Enter your company's Employer Identification Number (CBN) (a.k.a., Federal Tax ID).

  • Display Project Number in Change Project Drop-Down List. Place a checkmark in this box to display the project number next to the project name in the Select a Project menu in the Procore web application's navigation bar. (Note: The project number is set in the project's Admin tool).

  • Enable Surveys in Procore. Place a checkmark in this box if you want to participate in Procore's user survey program. When selected, Procore periodically sends you a survey to request feedback about your user experience.

  • Enable Avatars. Mark the checkbox next to this field to enable the use of personal avatars in the Directory tool. This allows your organization's end users to upload a personal avatar or profile photo to Procore. See Upload Your Avatar or Profile Photo to Procore.
    Note: An avatar or profile photo can ONLY be uploaded by the end user and will appear in the user's profile in the Company and Project Directory tool.

  • Upload Company Logo. Click Choose File or drag-and-drop a file from your computer that will serve as your organization's logo. Company logos must not exceed 200 x 70 pixels. File size limit: 3.0 MB. The logo that you upload here will appear on most emails, forms, pages and reports associated with your company's Procore account. See Upload a Company Logo

  • Select Previously Uploaded Logo. After uploading a company logo (see Upload a Company Logo), click the plus (+) sign to select the most recent logo previously uploaded to Procore. See Revert to a Previously Uploaded Logo


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Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your company has implemented a supported Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, see the links below for instructions on how to configure SSO in Procore.



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Office Settings

Office Settings. Use the controls in this area to add and edit your organization's settings for its office locations. To add a new office location to your organization's list, click Add Office (for details, see Add an Office Location). To edit an existing office location, click Edit and then update the record as needed. To delete an office, click the RED 'x' in the far right column (Note: An office location can only be deleted when there are no Procore projects associated with it). 



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Terms & Conditions


Under Terms & Conditions, you can add company-specific legal language to specify the usage agreement for your company's implementation of the Procore system.

  • To add your terms and conditions to Procore, enter the desired text in the box.
  • To prompt new users to agree to the "Terms & Conditions" when logging in to Procore for the first time, place a check mark in the Enable Terms & Conditions box. The first time a user logs in to Procore, they must agree to the specified term and conditions. If they decline to accept the conditions, the user is prompted to click a link to exit the system.
  • If you update your Terms & Conditions and want your users to accept your updated terms and conditions, mark the Trigger Re-Acceptance of Terms & Conditions for All Users checkbox. This checkbox is cleared by default.
    Need help defining your terms & conditions? For help writing your company's terms and conditions, Procore recommends contacting an attorney who understands your specific business and concerns. You can also visit the Procore Community web site to ask other Procore customers how they have addressed their company's terms & conditions. 

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Email Notification Settings

Overdue Emails Sent During the Weekend

Company Admins can help reduce email interruptions during non-working days by disabling overdue email notifications during weekends for the entire account. See Can I prevent emails from being sent on the weekend? The time zone set in your company's Procore account determines the days and time for weekends. See General Settings above. 

To enable this setting, mark the checkbox next to 'Disable overdue emails during the weekend'. 


Insurance Emails

In Procore, the term Insurance Manager refers to an internal employee (or multiple employees) at your company who serve as your organization's primary point of contact(s) for ensuring that the insurance policies for your contractors, subcontractors, and other vendors are in compliance with requirements and that their required policies and certificates are kept up-to-date.

Under About Insurance Emails, the system reveals a list of users who will receive email notifications from Procore.


The system will send emails when the insurance is within two (2) weeks of its expiration date. In addition, the system will continue to send a daily email reminder for up to sixty (60) days after the expiration date (or until the insurance expiration date on is updated). 
Note: This is a default email notification and cannot be customized at this time. 

  • To add users to the list, navigate to the Directory tool. Next, click the Edit option next to the user. Mark the checkbox next to Is an Insurance Manager of [Company Name]?is-an-insurance-manager.png
  • To remove users from the list, clear the check mark from the box in the Directory tool.

Note: To learn how to add and update insurance for one of your company's vendors (such as contractors, subcontractors, and other vendors), see Add Insurance for a Vendor in the Company Directory and Update Expiring Insurance for a Vendor in the Company Directory.


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SFTP Connection Error Emails

If your Procore account is configured to import data via Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFT), select a user from the Send To drop-down list. The system will send a notification to this person in the event of a connection issue. 


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