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About Locations (Open Beta)


The Locations feature is designed to leverage the latest AI technology to automatically create a tiered list of locations based on your project's architectural drawings.

You can view locations in the Locations screen throughout the life of your project to easily see and access items associated with each location. Locations are accessible through the Project level Admin and Drawings tools.

  • Generate a list of locations from your project's architectural drawings.
  • View a heat map of items associated to locations.
  • Add, edit, and delete locations and their boundaries on your drawings.
  • View all items related to a location from a single place.

How it Works

The Locations feature leverages Procore's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to scan your project's drawings. It identifies which locations should be populated in your locations list, and automatically creates the list for you based on the architectural drawings you select for use during location generation.

Once the list is created, you can review it and make any adjustments to locations and their boundaries as needed. You can add, edit, and create new locations throughout the lifecycle of your project.


  • Important! The Locations Beta is only available to clients in North America using English dictionaries for their company and users.
  • The Locations Beta can only be enabled on projects that don't already have a list of locations.
  • Opt-in to the beta program is available at the project level. You must have 'Admin' level permissions to the project level Admin tool to opt in to the beta program.



Automatically generate a list of locations from architectural drawings

With the new Locations experience, you can use your architectural plans in Procore to generate a tiered list of locations automatically. Select which drawings to use to create your list of locations, review the locations generated and modify them if needed. Each location shows a boundary around the location's area on your drawing.

View a heat Map of Items Associated with Locations

The new Locations experience provides the ability to view a heat map of items associated to locations. This heat map helps you see which areas have higher activity relating to RFIs, Submittals, and more.

Click into a location in the Locations screen to view a list of all items associated with that location.  

Common Questions


can i enable the Locations beta on just a few projects?

Yes. Once the beta agreement is signed by your company, the feature will be available across all projects within your company's account that don't yet have locations populated. You can enable the new Locations feature on whichever projects you like that don't yet have locations created.

Can I still use other methods of location creation after enabling the locations beta for a project?

No. Once the Locations beta is enabled on a project, you can only create locations by generating them from your drawings using the new tool. You will no longer have the option to create locations by importing them from a template or model file. If you want to create locations by importing them, you can disable the Locations beta for that project. 

Can I enable the locations beta on a project that already has a locations list?

No. At this time, the feature is only available for use on projects that don't have existing locations.