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Procore (en-CA)

Release Notes

 Below are the notable changes to the project's Invoicing tool.

Recent Changes

Added a 'Budget Code' Column to the Subcontractor SOV Tab of a Commitment (5/25/2021) 

Procore has replaced the 'Sub Job' and 'Cost Code' columns in the 'Subcontractor SOV' tab with a new 'Budget Code' column. This new column will now appear in all of your Procore project's purchase orders and subcontracts. See Create a Subcontractor SOV and Add a Subcontractor SOV to a Commitment as an Invoice Contact. To learn how to enable the 'Subcontractor SOV' tab on a purchase order or subcontract, see Enable or Disable the Subcontractor SOV Tab on the Commitments Tool. To learn about budget codes, see What is a budget code?

Improved Search now includes the Invoicing Tool (9/14/2020) 

Procore has updated its search capabilities to provide users with more powerful and efficient search results. Procore's project search now looks at the following fields for subcontractor invoices: Invoice #, Commitment #, Comment, and Contract Company. For owner invoices, the system searches the Invoice #, Contract #, Contractor and the Architect/Engineer fields. In addition, Procore has added type-ahead search capabilities on the Invoice # field. See Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search.

New Status Cards & Columns Added to the Invoicing Tool (8/19/2020)

Procore has updated the project's Invoicing tool to provide users with faster insight into the current state of your invoices during the current billing period. Designed for use by users with 'Admin' permission to the Commitments and Prime Contracts tool, the Invoicing tool provides you with a glimpse of all your invoices. See Invoice Management: New Status Cards & Data Columns in the Invoicing Tool.

Enable Sliding Scale Retention Settings on a Commitment's Invoices (1/14/2020)  

Using new controls in the Advanced Settings tab of a commitment, Procore users in Australia can now enable up to five (5) unique sliding scale rules on a purchase order or subcontract. Once saved, your settings will automatically adjust retention amounts on your project's subcontractor invoices. To learn more, see Commitments: Configure Sliding Scale Retention Settings on Subcontractor Invoices.