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Email a Purchase Order or Subcontract


To send a purchase order or subcontract by email.  


You can email a purchase order or subcontract to a downstream contractor when you want to share the accepted scope and Schedule of Values (SOV).  When selecting a recipient, you can choose any user from the project's Directory tool. However, keep in mind that in order to log on or view the purchase order or subcontract in Procore, the recipient must have the appropriate access permissions to view it. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To send a purchase order or subcontract by email,  'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool.  
  • Additional Information:



  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
  2. Under the Contracts tab, locate the purchase order or subcontract. Then click Edit.
  3. Click Email Contract.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • To
      Select users from your project's directory to forward the email to.
    • Cc
      Select users from your directory to carbon copy the email to.
    • Private
      Mark this check box so that only users with 'Admin' permissions and those included in the email can view the email in the Email tab. 
    • Subject
      Enter a subject for the email message.
    • Attachments
      Attach any relevant documents or materials. 
    • Message
      Type a message for the email recipient with further instructions or additional information. 
  5. Click Send.
Procore sends the recipient an email. The message contains a link that the recipient can click to view the commitment online (if the recipient has the appropriate permissions to view a purchase order or subcontract). The recipient can also open the commitment in the PDF file format.