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Procore (en-CA)

Bulk Send Subcontractor Invoices to DocuSign®


To send subcontractor invoices to DocuSign® in bulk for signature.


If you have a DocuSign®  account, you are able to track the status of a signed document in Procore. 

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the project's Invoicing tool.
  2. Click the Subcontractor tab.
  3. Mark the check boxes next to the invoices to bulk send to DocuSign® . 
  4. Click Send to DocuSign®
    Note: If the Send to DocuSign® button is grayed out and unavailable, hover your mouse cursor over the button. A tool tip appears to inform you of the reason. Typically, it is because the commitment does not have an 'Invoice Contact' assigned to it. See Add Invoice Contacts to a Commitment.
    The selected invoices are sent to DocuSign® . You will see a success banner at the top of the page when complete.
    • When sending invoices in bulk, the DocuSign®  integration only sends invoices to the individuals listed as 'Invoice Contact(s)' on the contract in Procore.
    • Some DocuSign®  features are NOT available when using the bulk send option. For example, adding or removing documents, adding recipients and so on.
    • To use the unavailable DocuSign®  features, follow the steps in Complete Subcontractor Invoices with DocuSign®.

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